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Botanical Name:Myristica Fragrans H
Type:Machine Clean
Quality Available:With Shell
Grade Available:Tiger, ABCD , POOJA , Broken
Form Available:Whole & Powder
Harvesting Season:June, July
Shelf Life:1 Year From Production Date.
GMO Status:Not Genetically Modified.
Storage Condition:Cool And Dry (20 C).
Packaging:10 Kg, 15 Kg, 25 Kg & 50 LBS Jute/Poly Bags.
Labelling:As Per Buyer’s Requirement.
Specification:Detail Specification Will Be Provided Upon Request.
Microbiological Parameters:As Per Requirement & Importing Country Norms.
M O Q:13 MT


The Nutmeg Offered By Us Has A Distinctive Taste, Flavour And Aroma. It Is Free From Impurities And Is Used For Various Culinary And Medicinal Purposes. It Has Sedative, Relaxant And Stimulant Properties. It Is Added To Savouries And As Well As Sweet Dishes. We Offer Hygienically Harvested And Processed Nutmegs.

The Nutmeg Nuts Are Processed Under Hygienic Conditions And It Ensures Best Taste, Aroma And Flavor. These Are Free From Adulteration And Impurities. Geewin Nutmegs Are Used For Various Medicinal And Culinary Purposes.

One Study Has Shown That The Compound Macelignan Isolated From Myristica Fragrans (Myristicaceae) May Exert Antimicrobial Activity Against Streptococcus Mutants, But This Treatment Is No Longer Used. Nutmeg Has Been Used In Medicine Since At Least The Seventh Century. In The 19th Century It Was Used As An Abortifacient Drug, Which Led To Numerous Recorded Cases Of Nutmeg Poisoning.

Home Remedies:
  • This Spice Is Expensive But Has Lots Of Medicinal Values.
  • It Helps In Digestion And Relieves Nausea, Vomiting, Flatulence And Diarrhoea.
  • Nutmeg Can Be Powdered And Mixed With Honey And Can Be Taken During Diarrhoea. It Can Be Given To     Small Children Also 1 Teaspoon Twice Or Thrice Can Be Taken.
  • Large Quantity Can Have Harmful Effects On The Body
  1. It Promotes Digestion. Nutmeg Is A Powerhouse Of The Properties That Can Treat Indigestion Effectively
  2. Works As A Detoxifier
  3. For Kidney Health
  4. It Relieves Pain
  5. For Cancer
  6. A Powerful Antioxidant
  7. For Psychological Diseases
  8. For Immune System
  9. Acne Treatment
  10. It Delays Aging
  11. Skin Treatment
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