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ColourGrayish brown
AromaCharacteristic, strong
Moisture12% max
Ash7% max
Aoloformas100 cFU / g max
Total plate count50000 cFU / g max
Mold and yeast100 cFU / g max
Shelf life12 month
PackingNew high density polyethylene bags


Cumin Powder obtained from the seeds of Cumin (Jeera ) Cuminum cyminum .This product will not be grown from Genetically Modified Seeds. Prior to packaging the product will be inspected and passed through magnets and metal detectors to remove ferrous metallic contamination. Product will be treated to control microbial levels.

Cumin, a spice that originated in Egypt, has been a part of the cuisines of the Middle East and India for thousands of years. This little seed, a standard flavor in curries, may also have medicinal properties, although to date most research has been on animals, not humans. You can buy cumin seeds whole and crush them with a mortar and pestle, or purchase ground cumin at most supermarkets.

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