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Botanical Name:Coriander Sativam L
Form Available: Powder
Origin:  India
Harvesting Season:Feb. & Mar.
Availability:Whole Year
Flavor:  Aromatic With A Penetrating Flavor
Purity: 99%, 99.50%
Shelf Life: 1 Year From Production Date.
GMO Status: Not Genetically Modified.
Storage Condition: Cool And Dry (20 C).
Packaging: 10 Kg, 15 Kg, 25 Kg & 50 LBS Paper/Poly Bags.
Labelling: As Per Buyer’s Requirement.
Specification:Detail Specification Will Be Provided Upon Request.
Microbiological Parameters: As Per Buyer Requirement & Importing Country Norms.
M O Q:10 MT


Coriander Powder Is Well Known As Dhaniya Powder. Coriander Powder Is Manufactured By Grinding Best Quality Coriander Seeds. Coriander Powder Is Used To Flavor Rice, Stuffed Vegetables & Many Other Dishes. When We Talk About Indian Kitchen, Coriander Seeds Are Easily Available And Used In Almost Every Dish For Good Flavor & Colour. In Most Of The Cases, It Is Used In Dried Form By Indian Women And Usually Taken From Reputed Coriander Seeds Exporters Only.

This Powder Has Unique Taste & Whiff, Therefore, Used In Making Various Types Of Delicious Cuisines. Apart From Its Usage As A Spice, It Is A Fragrant Spice, With A Mild, Distinctive Taste. It Is Widely Used As A Condiment In Foods, Beverages, Marinades, Desserts And Sweet Pastries And Also In American Cigarettes. It Also Has A Great Medicinal Value And Able To Treat Almost Everything If Used Regularly In Daily Diet.

Coriander Is A Major Multi-Tasker. Whole, Ground, Raw Or Roasted, Coriander’s Earthy Fresh Aroma Makes It A Kitchen Hero. While Dry-Toasting Coriander In A Pan Gives It A More Robust Aroma, The Powder Works Best To Incorporate Flavour Seamlessly Into Dishes.

We Are Selling Our Products In Different Packaging As Per Industry Needs And Requirements. It Has A Unique Aroma, Distinctive Flavour, Rich In Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Fat, Carbohydrates, Protein And Other Minerals. It Provides Relief From Digestion Problems And Acne.

  • They Are Good To Add Fresh & Different Flavours To Food
  • They Have Wonderful Nutritional Value And Mineral Content
  • It Boosts Up Overall Health & Stamina Of An Individual
  • It Has Remarkable Tendency For Treating Intestinal And Gastric Pain
  • Fresh Coriander Seeds Are Beneficial For Skin Also
  • It Is Widely Flavoring Agent In Food Industry And Suitable To Add Pleasant Aroma & Flavor To Food Items.
  • Coriander Seeds Are Also Good To Be Used Inside Sausages, Baking, Candies, Pickles, Soups Etc.
  • Coriander Seeds Have Medicinal Benefits Too For Boosting Up Your Overall Health & Stamina Level.
  • It Has Wonderful Tendency For Treating Gastric & Intestinal Pain.
  • It Can Also Be Used Externally As Body Lotion Or Skin Treatments. The Oil Prepared Using Coriander
  • Seeds Is Bactericidal & Fungicidal.
  • It Can Be Used As Food Agent To Give Distinct Flavor To Dishes
  • It Is Used Along With Domestic And International Dishes To Prepare Cuisines
  • It Is Brown In Color And Crushed Properly To Use Along With Food Items
  • It Can Be Used As Body Lotion For Nourishing Skin
  • It Is Usually Used As Health Booster To Maintain Your Overall Health And Stamina
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